hire a crowd

Hiring a Crowd for any event anywhere in the UK…..Now there is a great idea!

We can arrange a crowd of people for ANYTHING, from 10 people to more than 1,000!

Hire people for charity events, conferences, lectures, PR stunts, new store openings, art exhibitions, parties, red carpet events, corporate parties, award ceremonies, festivals and gigs. WHATEVER you need from Hire a Crowd, however simple or bizarre, we can help you.

With more than 10,000 people registered with us for crowd hire across the UK there is no location we cannot help you with. We can supply any numbers and any age of people to make your crowd just how you want it.

Our crowds have been used by PR agencies where they have booked a crowd of people to delight their clients with a PR STUNT (trust us, your clients will go MAD at the idea, they LOVE it!). We are often asked by media houses and business owners to provide large crowds of people to queue outside the opening of a new store as they want to create an exciting, busy atmosphere so it looks really busy on opening day (don’t worry our crowds are fantastic at keeping a secret!) If you are organising a charity event, conference or lecture our people have been used to turn up when you have not sold enough tickets….Don’t be embarrassed, you would not believe how often we hire a crowd when the ticket sales or interest have dried up!

Where do you start in organising a crowd!?

It’s so EASY to arrange a load of people at your next PR Stunt or event.

We have been providing crowd services for more than 3 years now and really understand the impact and positive results they get for our clients. We make the process so easy for you because we understand that arranging 100 people to turn up somewhere is a headache you don’t need so we do it all for you!

You call or email us, we take the details of what’s happening and what results you looking to achieve , give you an amazing price and you snap our arm of to get it all arranged for you…BOOM, you’re the hero of the day!

On the day your crowd is booked for we have an event manager on site (usually a member of your crowd) who will communicate directly with us here at Hire a Crowd HQ managing arrivals and ensuring people are acting in the way you want them to. We are always on hand to talk to you to let you know how things are going and to make sure you are happy with how it’s all going.

SOLD! What do you do next to arrange your crowd?

Give us a call on 0844 800 0071 and we will walk you through the details we need from you and send you a quote in writing (email) within 20 minutes. If you then want to review the crowd numbers, fine tune the details or simply just check we have understood your requirements then we are here for you anytime. If you don’t want to call and would rather communicate via email then no worries, just complete our on line enquiry form and we will get straight onto this for you. ITS ALL SO EASY FOR YOU! We can’t wait to hear from you so don’t be worried, give us a call, you are in good hands!