hire a crowd of people in BirminghamHire a Crowd in Birmingham

We are here in the thriving city of Birmingham to provide you the best in crowd or group hiring services. We’ll muster up a crowd for you for just about any occasion, that’s right we’ll hire for nearly anything. We could hire a crowd to fire up your next store grand opening if you’re setting up show in the Bullring Shopping Centre. Our crowds will make your opening busy and make some noise, drawing a real crowd to investigate what all the fuss is about. We could stage a Flash Mob at the NEC Exhibition Centre during a big show to create some buzz about your latest product. Whatever it is you had in mind we can do it all. We hire crowds of people for things such as: –

-Restaurant and store openings
-Business conferences
-PR Stunts
-Cinematic premiers
-Major Sales events
and much more!

What is Crowd Hiring?

Crowd hiring is as it sounds, hiring a crowd or group usually for promoting some kind of event or product or even cause. You might use a crowd hiring service to fill up an otherwise empty conference centre as to make business event look busy and thus your business successful. You might use a hired crowd to attract a real crowd as people tend to gravitate to where all the people are.

This has been used for business openings, publicity stunts, and even just to maintain the image of public interest and thus maintain or even an increase the level of attention or interest an event generates. Many businesses have used it successful to turn a hired a crowd into a crowd of customers.

Get a quote for a crowd in Birmingham

We’ll be happy to discuss your needs. We can hire a small group or a major crowd, makes no difference, and we’ll supply for any type of event. Shoot us an email or call us and can get you a quote to get you started. We’re here to help!

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