rent a crowd CardiffCardiff Crowd Hire Agency

We work hard to provide you with top of the line crowd hiring services all over the U.K and especially right here in Cardiff. Whenever and wherever you need us we can hire out crowds for any occasion no matter how big, small, or ridiculous. Many people use crowd hiring for different purposes, for example one might want to pump up an independent (or major production) film premier by providing a much larger showing for the opening night.

Just imagine the whole of the Cardiff City Centre packed with a crowd you hired. With our crowds, who act appear just like the real thing, you’ll attract attention to your business or event and give it the boost it needs. Hire your crowds for:

• Concerts
• Fundraising events
• Film Premier
• Restaurant and shop openings
• business conferences
• political protests
• Flash Mobs

and just about anything else you can imagine. Anything where you want your party to be the talk of the town, work with us and we’ll make sure there’s a crowd there to liven things up.

What is Crowd Hiring Anyway?

Just like name suggests we hire out groups and crowds to attend your public events. They might be used say at a business conference at Celtic Manor to fill in some empty seats and keep things looking busy for the rest of the delegation as well as the press and public. Crowd hiring maintains the appearance of public support and popularity as to avoid an embarrassingly low turn out or to make a large turn out look even greater. In many uses it’s used to garner attention, as crowds often do, in order to gain a real audience down the road.

We hire all over the U.K and our folks in Cardiff are committed and experienced and are willing and able to take your business off the ground with a crowd to get the party started.

Need a large group of crowd of people in Cardiff?  Get a quote!

We’d be happy to talk to you over the telephone or through email correspondence. We can help you determine what you need and how big a crowd you need and any other details you want for the event. We’ll even provide a free quote for if you do decide to pursue all services. We promise you won’t be disappointed.