Hire Crowds of People in ScotlandHire-a-crowd in Scotland

If you’re in the proud and beautiful isle of Scotland and you need a crowd to grace your next big event, we happen to have crowd hiring services just for you. Are you hosting a big party you want to be the talk of the town? Are you holding a PR stunt you want to use to make everyone remember your company for ages? Whatever you need a big crowd for we are here to help you impress. We provide crowds, groups of people and background extras. We have people with every physical feature you can imagine. We’re able to provide you with a very diverse crowd.

We can hire people for company conferences or any other business event you need to look busy and successful. Even without a natural crowd your event can resemble a major success.

We’ve provided people before for restaurant openings, knowing that seeing a crowd will pique the interest of on goers, attracting a real crowd soon enough. We do the same for stores, clubs, and all types of new and aspiring businesses.
We have thousands of actors young and old, male and female, and of every face and body type you can imagine, we can supply a richly diverse crowd for an event to make it look huge. No matter what kind of people you need we’ll provide. No request is too ridiculous and we really do have all types. We’ll be more than happy to provide a group that people will see as real Scots.

Crowd Services in Scotland

Discretion and confidentiality is our middle name. We would never embarrass our clients or ruin the point of the service we provide. We’ll be more than happy to provide a crowd for
• Business PR campaigns
• Extras and background actors (much more cost effective than crowds)
• Planted “fans” to cheer you on
• Crowds to make your place look busy and bustling with activity
• Paparazzi and “body guards” to follow you around for the VIP experienced
• Television and Cinema services

Scottish Casting Agency

We’ll be happy to help you hire a crowd just as you would extras. Using us will save you a pretty penny too and we often offer fixed rates. That means we don’t charge extra for “special” and unforeseen circumstances (someone tripping in the dirt, getting wet etc.)
Give us a call or email and we’ll discuss our services with you further. We’d be happy to go over your specific needs and even let you know upfront what you can expect to pay for them.