Why Hire a Crowd?

Why Hire a Crowd?

Publicity stunts and major events are often a powerful way to attract attention to a company or the product or service it’s offering. Crowded events such as charity fundraisers, political rallies, store or restaurant openings, and so on, often rely on a good turn out to create a strong showing for the general public. The amount of people that show up for an event has a huge impact on the over all general effect that the event is going to leave, especially in the public eye. Everyone from charity organizers, to businessmen, even to politicians running for public office have used the idea of hiring crowd in those emergency situations when turn out doesn’t “turn out” so to speak and therefore to avoid an embarrassing situation. Here are a few of the many reasons a company might want to use a crowd-hiring service:

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1.People are followers

As much as we may all strive to be great leaders and stand out from the crowd, the human being is a natural follower. We tend to look at what other people are doing and saying before we consider doing something ourselves. It’s even in our DNA. Did you know that the reason yawning is “contagious” is because of a social bonding mechanism that exists in all of us? We naturally follow each other, so where there’s a crowd, there our eyes and ears will be too. Hiring a big crowd then might be a way to build something out of nothing for an otherwise insignificant publicity event.

2. Things don’t always go according to plan

Sometimes thing’s don’t happen the way we’d want them too: invitations don’t get sent out in time, too many people cancel last minute, the weather or other circumstances tamper with our success, etc. Some times things just come up and the turn out we had planned for a major event just isn’t there. This might not always be a big deal but when this is a hyped up public event and the people are watching and expecting something big, empty seats may be an embarrassing problem. We certainly don’t want the media remembering the echo they heard across an empty auditorium.

3. You have the resources but not the recognition

The fact of the matter is many companies may have the resources, the money, and the ability to put on one killer event, but lack the name recognition to attract a crowd. Because of this they may have to hire a crowd to get the attention of the media that without the people there to back it up, would just be ignored instead. You might have the money and ability to put on a big show, but if no one shows up it would be there for naught.

4. It’s not about who’s there in person anymore

As odd as it might sound, and even sad, less and less people seem to want to leave there homes. First came television and ready, allowing people to be entertained at the house, then the internet. Now people can watch sports games, concerts, and all kinds of event from home that they may have attended in person. The internet also offers to stream many of these events, and now with rise of online retailers like Amazon many people even do all their shopping online now. So when you sponsor a big publicity stunt the people may not be there in person, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be watching. If you want to be taken seriously by them you’ll need some seats filled by people that might not otherwise come in person.

Every major company sponsoring a big publicity event needs people to come, and this doesn’t always happen even in the ideal situation. So as you can see there are many reasons to hire a crowd and these are only a few. There’s no shame in doing what needs to be done.