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When you’re trying to find an actor to fill your part you’re going to want someone with the right look but also the experience and personality to go along with the needs you have for the role. It can be hard to find good help through traditional auditions especially as you have to filter out the dead end candidates. Why not delegate that lengthy task to us? You’ll find we not only supply candidates more quickly, but also of higher quality.

An Experienced Casting Agency

At our agency we know the ins and outs of the industry. We understand what to look for in an actor or actress. Finding just the right look and the experience and skill to match is a trick we’ve learned all too well. It’s still a delicate process but we have experience supplying actors that spans back years. We’ve supplied thousands of gifted individuals for commercials, radio ads, and have even supported the film industry.

We know we can find the right actor for you and can help you skip all the red tape and difficulty that will come between you and your important project. We’re here to help, and our actors and actresses are some of the best in business. So let us relieve some of your burden by guiding you through the screening process ourselves with years of skill and experience in the trade to back us up.

Booking an Actor or Extra!

The key to our process is that we listen, we process, and we understand what you have to say. We take the time to consider your individual needs and pursue all the information we can get the make the process easier for you the client. When we understand your vision and your campaign it helps us narrow the field. We can make sure the candidates we supply are the best for what you need.

We’ll also guide you through process of selecting your candidates and telling us what kind of profile you’re looking for with your actor or extras. We’ll not only provide you with a final quote before we start, but we’ll make sure everything fits your expectations.
So give us a ring or an email, we’d be glad to start helping you as soon as possible!