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Beating Records – Why You Need ‘Hire a Crowd’

guiness book of records attemptsBeating Records – Why You Need ‘Hire a Crowd’

Setting a challenge is one thing. Beating it is another. Every day, all across the world, people make record-breaking attempts.

Some do it for the kudos and fame, others do it to raise awareness of issues close to their hearts, whilst others do it to raise money for a charity too. Record-breaking attempts are fun, as well as a challenge.

The REAL Challenge: People

There are all kinds of records you can set and break, from the number of doughnuts you can eat in one minute to how many people you can squeeze in a traditional red phone box.

Challenges are set by the challengers, not necessarily by the leading authority, the Guinness Book of Records. They are the organisation that official adjudicates record-breaking attempts. They make sure that everything meets strict rules so that when someone else comes along to try and break the record, the playing field is level.

For some challenges, there is a hidden challenge – getting people organised and getting enough people together to take on a large crowd challenge.

Big Crowds, Big Challenges

There have been some stunning example of ‘big crowd’ record-breaking events. For example, at the start of February 2017, 1,645 performed push-ups simultaneously for one minute, an event that took place in the United Arab Emirates. Do you think you could gather more than 1,600 people together to take on such a challenge?

Or what about the biggest yoga chain? Nearly 4,000 people joined in, a record that has remained in place since 2014.

Or what about a human-powered concert, as seen in Hong Kong in October 2013. 379 people cycled continuously on static bikes for 12 hours to create the power.

These records are just a few examples in an ocean of many. They rely on people, committed to turning up at an event and taking part. It may appeal to you.

And no wonder – it is a great way to get airtime from local, national and possible global press, as well as presenting an opportunity to go viral on social media – but the challenge may not be the event itself, but getting hold of people to take part.

The Solution?

This is about more than getting your friends and neighbours involved, although you need their help. You need something bigger…

You need Hire a Crowd because:

  • Gathering a larger group, whether it is hundreds of people or thousands, requires recognition – and if people don’t know you, they won’t necessarily join in.
  • The power of a crowd is amazing – a group of people congregating in one place attracts attention, and that means more people!
  • Planning and organising takes time – and even then, there is no guarantee of success. Hiring a crowd means you don’t have to worry about people not turning up.
  • It works – and we have the proof! Just take a look at some of the amazing events our people have been involved with, and you will understand why.

What Record Attempt do You Want to Make?

Whether it is raising money for a charity, promoting a cause close to your heart or enjoying the kudos of setting a world record, we have the people you need to make the record-breaking dream a reality.

Dream big! Talk to the team at hire a crowd on 0844 800 0071. Or, start the conversation by emailing us today!

The T-Mobile Welcome Back – PR Stunt

The T-Mobile Welcome Back – PR Stunt

There are many ways you can hire people to carry out PR Stunts and we hire people for exactly this.  One amazing stunt was from T Mobile who hired Singers to give arriving passengers a big welcome home at Heathrow Terminal 5.  We didn’t provide these people, but we can!

Halloween Is Coming!

hire a crowd of scary people for HalloweenHalloween Is Coming!

Days are getting shorter and the temperature outside is dropping, you certainly get the feeling that winter is knocking at your door.

But before that, you’re going to find lots of tiny demons and ghouls erratically knocking at your door, demanding your contributions to the mountain of confectionary accumulating in their bags, plastic skulls or pumpkins.

If you haven’t guessed already we’re talking about Halloween, the time of year where you find people sporting their scariest frocks and dressing like your worst nightmare. The legend goes, the reason for this cadaverous event is to fend off any ghosts that might be lurking around and to protect your neighbourhood from hell raising demons.

Now if macabre monsters are a cause for concern in your area, there isn’t a better way to scare them off than to hire a large group of people to dress up in zombie costumes and work together as a team to systematically clear the area of any unwanted ghouls leaving you and other living souls safe until next year.

Do you believe in ghosts?

For those who don’t believe in ghosts, the above suggestion may sound completely absurd. However another great Halloween tradition is to give your friends a little fright, and we would love to help you out with this. So here’s the plan…

During your spooky supernatural celebration you hire some of our chilling undead actors and actresses to roam around the event looking gruesome and horrifying. Their devilish skills can be put to good use when creeping up on your unsuspecting guests and giving them a little fright! That will get your friends back for forgetting to send you a Christmas card!

Hire A Crowd of Scary Halloween Characters!

Aside from causing mischief at Halloween parties we can help with any PR stunts that you are planning to execute on October 31st. Be it a zombie flash mob in Manchester city centre, or an alien invasion in Birmingham, or an army of evil minions dancing to ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’, whatever it is we have the staff on our books that will create a spine chilling atmosphere that will give the public a blissful fright.

To get a quote for a creepy Halloween themed group of people click here to email us your ghoulish requirements!

Hire a Crowd Services

rent a crowd LondonHire a Crowd Services

Hire A Crowd has a wide variety of services and can supply crowds of people from 10 to 500 for anything.

Hire The Paparazzi

Paparazzi are a group of photographers that will photograph you or your event and make you feel like a celebrity for the day.

Celebrity Experience – Be a celebrity for the day

Have you ever wanted to experience how it felt to shop like an A-List Hollywood Celebrity? We can supply you with your own paps, fans and even security guards.