Halloween Is Coming!

hire a crowd of scary people for HalloweenHalloween Is Coming!

Days are getting shorter and the temperature outside is dropping, you certainly get the feeling that winter is knocking at your door.

But before that, you’re going to find lots of tiny demons and ghouls erratically knocking at your door, demanding your contributions to the mountain of confectionary accumulating in their bags, plastic skulls or pumpkins.

If you haven’t guessed already we’re talking about Halloween, the time of year where you find people sporting their scariest frocks and dressing like your worst nightmare. The legend goes, the reason for this cadaverous event is to fend off any ghosts that might be lurking around and to protect your neighbourhood from hell raising demons.

Now if macabre monsters are a cause for concern in your area, there isn’t a better way to scare them off than to hire a large group of people to dress up in zombie costumes and work together as a team to systematically clear the area of any unwanted ghouls leaving you and other living souls safe until next year.

Do you believe in ghosts?

For those who don’t believe in ghosts, the above suggestion may sound completely absurd. However another great Halloween tradition is to give your friends a little fright, and we would love to help you out with this. So here’s the plan…

During your spooky supernatural celebration you hire some of our chilling undead actors and actresses to roam around the event looking gruesome and horrifying. Their devilish skills can be put to good use when creeping up on your unsuspecting guests and giving them a little fright! That will get your friends back for forgetting to send you a Christmas card!

Hire A Crowd of Scary Halloween Characters!

Aside from causing mischief at Halloween parties we can help with any PR stunts that you are planning to execute on October 31st. Be it a zombie flash mob in Manchester city centre, or an alien invasion in Birmingham, or an army of evil minions dancing to ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’, whatever it is we have the staff on our books that will create a spine chilling atmosphere that will give the public a blissful fright.

To get a quote for a creepy Halloween themed group of people click here to email us your ghoulish requirements!

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