Largest Thai Dance – Hire A Crowd

Largest Thai Dance – Hire A Crowd

The Hire A Crowd team love the weird and wonderful events, recently the largest Thai dance in history caught our attention. The crowd of 5,255 people took to the streets of the northern province town Udon Thani (Thailand) in 2014. The locals gathered around the Prince Prajak Silpakom monument whilst dressed in the traditional uniform of orange Buddhist tops. The event itself is an annual event that takes place to commemorate Major Prince Prajak Silpakom who is the founder on Udon Thani. The first event of its kind took place in 1981 and consisted of a mere 80 people. Check out the event here

We participate in various crowd hire events throughout the UK ranging from movie extras to the wonderfully bizarre events such as PR stunts, which require crowds to generate maximum attention for brands. With over 12,000 registered people we can supply specific crowds that meet your brief whether it be based on age, sex or ethnicity. When organising crowds of any size there three key elements that must be overseen to ensure the best possible results.

• Briefed Staff – Your crowd need to understand their role, the purpose of the crowd and the goals it must achieve to be a success. We individually brief each person so ensure a that event proceeds as intended.

• Event Manager – We allocate an EM for all events with over 10 people. The EM plays a crucial role of communicating with the crowd and yourself.

• Office Support – The Hire A Crowd team are on call 24/7 to allow you to make amendments, pass on additional information and communicate new information to allow for a fully briefed crowd.

No matter how big, small or bizarre your requirements are The Hire A Crowd team are ready to provide a free, fast and friendly quotation that is tailored to your event, Call 0844 800 0071 or click here for your quote now!

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