Hire A Crowd In Glasgow

If you are in search of huge crowd for your next big event in this beautiful city of Glasgow, we offer you the best crowd hiring services in Scotland whether you are hosting an event in shopping centers like Intu Braehead, Glasgow Fort, Silverburn or holding a Public Relation campaign to make an impression so that everyone can remember your company for a long time. Shopping centers are the area where customers can easily get the attention so by using our services we can provide crowds and we are here to get that impression you always wanted through our crowds.

We offer crowd, group of people and background extras. We have all different kind of flash mobs & crowd of people Glasgowphysical features of people that you can even imagine. We have the wide range of diversified crowds. For your company conferences or any business event, we can hire people of different personalities i.e. professionals and etc. to make you look busy and successful. Your event can resemble a huge success without any natural crowds.

We can hire people for company conferences or any other business event you need to look busy and successful. Even without a natural crowd, your event can be a major success. Before restaurant opening, we have offered people because we believe that seeing a crowd will pique the interest of on goers, appealing a real crowd soon enough. We perform a similar activity for stores, clubs, and all types of new and growing businesses.

We have talented crowd comprises of thousands of young and old male actors and female actors. We also have people with different physical structures whether it is face or body type, we can provide a heavily different crowd for an event to make it more extravagant. It is our responsibility to provide you people according to your requirement. We firmly believe that no request is unreasonable and it is a fact that we really do have all kinds of people. Providing a group to you that people will see as real Scots will make us proud. We are committed to providing you discretion and confidentiality which is our middle name.

We take a very good care of our customers and we try our best not to humiliate our clients and dissatisfy them with our services we offer.


We provide services for
• Business PR campaigns
• More cost effective rather than the crowds are extras and background actors
• For cheer up, we have Planted “fans”
• Crowds for making your place look busy and active by engaging them in different activities.
• For the VIP experience, we have Paparazzi and “Body Guards” to follow you around.
• Services for Television and Cinema

We are here to provide you best crowd which will be cost effective and eventually will save your money and time. We often offer fixed rates also. By fixed rates, we mean we don’t charge anything extra for “special” or any unexpected situations (someone tripping in the dirt, getting wet etc.) For more details and queries, give us a call or email and we will set a meeting and discuss our services with you personally. We would be happy to go over with your specific needs and we even assist you with the scenarios and what you can expect to pay for them.

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