Hire a flash mob kentHire a Crowd of People in Kent

We provide a crowd hire service in Kent and throughout England, Wales and Scotland, so wherever you are, we can provide the people of all shapes, sizes and skills.

We have more than 20,000 people on our books with a large proportion covering all towns in Kent. We only book staff who can quickly get to the location so there is no additional travel cost passed onto our clients.

You can hire crowds of any number of people for reason such as:-
• Brands and product launches
• People to fill a room at an event if you haven’t sold enough tickets
• Crowds of people to make an empty space look busy and create an atmosphere
• New shop opening, people can line up outside hours before it opens to attract attention from the general public passing by.
Supporting artists for TV and film
• Actors for PR stunts
• People to boost business conferences and even political rallies.
• Flash mobs, we have plenty of choreographers on our books so they can come up with the routine or you can get them to practice one you may already have in mind. This is simple they just need a video clip.

We work with private clients, sole traders PR companies and corporate clients. We also provide a lot of supporting artist, actors and extras.

Hiring a flash mob or a group of people!

If you are thinking this is a service you may require, but not exactly sure what it is you need. You can call a member of our team to talk through your requirements. We can make suggestions based on our seven years experience and guide you through our simple process.

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