hire a crowd of people in LiverpoolHire-a-Crowd Agency in Liverpool

We have been in the crowd hiring business for a great many years now supplying people throughout the U.K and in Liverpool. We’ll supply about as large a crowd as your heart desires. We can work with small crowds for small, fun events to massive crowds to fill up otherwise quiet stadiums and everything in between. No request is too odd. We are here to serve!

We rent crowds of people in Liverpool and across Merseyside for practically any event you think of. We can supply crowds for your publicity stunt whether it be a flash mob of sorts or a rally. We’ll get you the kind of publicity your company needs to thrive.

We have thousands of talented crowd goers of every age, gender, race, and even body type. We can supply local staff to bring you crowds in and everyone we provide is insured. We’re also very discreet and respect the confidentiality of our clients, especially in regards to the services they obtain from us. No one knows but us and you, because our people are naturals at what they do.

Hire crowds of people in Liverpool for any reason!

We provide people for ANYTHING examples are :-
• Launch your new product
• Show off an impressive business delegation at your next conference
• Musical gigs
• Store and restaurant openings
• Public and private parties
• Movies and extras for television and cinema
• publicity stunts of all varieties

We have many talented and natural crowd goers for just about any event. You could even hire a crowd as a prank to crash a surprise party. We’ll take any request no matter how odd.

be a celebrity for a day and hire fansCelebrity Fan Experience In Liverpool

We can even provide a full celebrity experience for you right here in Liverpool. You’ll be the VIP, the talk of the town. Everywhere you go people will snap pictures, beg for photo ops, ask for autographs, and make you appear as the most important person in town.

You could also make sure that your party is on fire and attendance is guaranteed through the roof, that way you can protect your reputation and everyone will know your parties are always the best.

We’ll talk you through the rates and requirements and help you find the best service that suits whatever your need may be. Just give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!